Top 10 Reasons to Move to Florida

Beautiful beaches, idyllic weather, outdoor activities galore, and best of all—no state income tax. The benefits to living in Florida are vast and varied. Still on the fence? Read on for the top 10 reasons to move to Florida.

  1. Stunning Beaches
    When the hot summer sun becomes too much for you, there are no shortage of beaches and pools to take a dip in. Bust out those bikinis and flip-flops. Get out those shades. If you’re considering moving to Florida, know that South Florida is home to some of the best beaches in the country.
  2. Natural Wonders
    When it comes to all the ways to love Florida’s authentic outdoor scenery, there are some experts who can help you make the most of it. Underwater caves, notably, are lesser known Florida natural wonders with spring temperatures ranging from 70-75 degrees year-round. You can swim in most, and even spot manatees in the wild in a few.
  3. Dream Homes
    It’s no secret Florida’s housing market is booming. If you’ve ever been considering moving to Florida, now is the time to pull the trigger. With low mortgage rates, endless beach-accessible property and new developments in full swing, The Sunshine State has options for everyone. The attractive tax benefits and comparatively low cost of living compared to other states makes owning or investing in Florida real estate even more attractive.
  4. Zero State Income Tax
    Possibly the greatest benefit of moving to Florida is the fact it has no state income tax. Also, rates for sales and property taxes are very low, which makes life in the Sunshine State very desirable.
  5. Culture Galore
    An international hub, Florida is home to a diverse range of cultures–it’s apparent in the cuisine festivals and even museums and performing arts centers…The Salvador Dali Museum, Kennedy Space Center, Ringling Museum Complex, Orlando Science Center, Ernest Hemingway Museum and Art Basel, are just a few of the cultural attractions that Florida has to offer.
  6. Outdoor Activities
    Swimming, hiking, snorkeling, diving, golf, fishing, surfing, cycling, ziplining…the list is endless. When you consider moving to Florida, keep in mind that the gorgeous subtropical weather means there is ample opportunity for parties, festivals, farmer’s markets, parades, weddings, receptions, and various other outdoor events all year long.
  7. Delicious Food
    When it comes to food specifically, Florida has the advantage of sun-drenched local produce and access to fresh catches from the Gulf and Atlantic shores. Florida’s food scene including Restaurant Week and a plethora of food and wine festivals make it a serious contender for resident foodies and culinary curious travelers. In addition to amazing fresh and local produce, the culinary competition in Florida is heavily influenced by travelers and tourism. Because of this, Florida residents benefit from resort-worthy dining year-round.
  8. The Happiest Place On Earth
    Disney, one of the most iconic amusement parks worldwide is located right in the heart of Florida. If you have children (or are a child at heart), having Disney in your backyard is pretty great. Where else can you see the characters come to life right before your eyes? Bonus, being a local gives you the flexibility to hit the park during the off-season.
  9. Sports Lover’s Paradise
    Florida is home to ten professional sports teams. From the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Miami Heat, there’s a team in town for everyone. The state is also home to dozens more popular minor league and collegiate teams that draw a tremendous fan base.
  10. Endless Sunshine
    The most obvious benefit, who can deny the mood-boosting effects of year-round sunshine? With average winter temperatures ranging between the 60s and 70s, it’s no wonder the state becomes the envy of the nation during bitter cold winter months. While the summers get hot, we think it’s a pretty good tradeoff for not having to endure cold winter weather, and waking up every morning to idyllic weather.

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