A Greener Future in Florida

As our city expands to accommodate the growing population, new homeowners are researching and engaging in “green” construction. This lowers their carbon footprint and ensures healthy, sustainable, and nontoxic environments for their families. Green building is a vast topic that includes reducing demolition waste, sourcing recycled and low-toxicity materials, ensuring a home is built along […]

10 Fun Things to do When it Rains in Palm Beach   

boy playing in the rain

Idyllic weather, perennial beach days and a plethora of outdoor activities make Palm Beach a treasured destination for visitors and residents alike. However its proximity to the vast ocean and warm sunshine make rain in the summer months a certainty. The good news is, storms are typically brief, never very cold, and frequently followed by […]

Top 10 Best Places to Live in Florida 2020

Top 10 Best Places to Live in Florida 2020

Year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches, vibrant cities, sailing, fishing, diving, golf… if you can think of a feature, attraction, or quality that makes a state great, Florida probably has it. If you’re tempted to make your next trip to the Sunshine State a permanent one, read on for our top 10 best places to live in […]

Become a Florida Resident in 3 Easy Steps

Florida villa with pool

Become an Official Florida Resident in 3 Easy Steps Once you have decided moving to Florida is the right decision for you, it’s time to make it official. If you plan on spending the majority of the year in Florida, you’ll want to become a resident and reap all the benefits that come along with […]

The Tax Benefits of Florida Residency

Should You Become a Florida Resident? Becoming a Florida resident is not difficult or complicated. It is a matter of taking some basic steps. The most difficult part would be convincing your former state’s revenue department that you are no longer living there. If you are not living there, you cannot be taxed there. This […]