Interview With Stephanie Kantis of Haven, Palm Beach

Sitting down with Stephanie Kantis was an absolute pleasure, as one of my first clients, I am now proud to call her a dear friend of nearly a decade. She is the epitome of the style, always classic and effortlessly chic. Though she is originally from St. Louis, she is a proud southerner through-and-through, spending most of her adult life in Dallas. Always a creative at heart and finding inspiration everywhere she goes, she is quite adaptable and shares the same wanderlust that drives me. Stephanie originally moved to Palm Beach in 2012 to be near family, but stayed for the quality of life and the convenience of being located near 3 major airports, numerous ports and endless inspiration she has found in our ‘big’ little town.

“Most people think I’ve been a jewelry designer all my career but I actually never intended to design jewelry. I started designing in 2010 on a trip to central Mexico. We sold our house and moved to a Spanish colonial town in central Mexico, San Miguel de Allende. Immersing yourself in a different culture is an amazing experience, I recommend it to everyone. You really find out what you’re made of, and who you are. I wanted to get back to my artisan roots, freed up from contracts and paperwork and managing people. I got to work with my hands in sculpture classes that evolved into jewelry classes. This quickly turned into yet another business when I got into Neiman Marcus within six months of designing jewelry. Growing up, I always had an interest in fashion, but my passion and true desire was to be an Interior Designer. I graduated with a degree in Interior Architecture, and started my own firm two years out of college in Dallas, Texas. Believe it or not, I specialized in designing juvenile furnishings! My claim to fame back in the 1990s, was my crib designs. This was way before Pottery Barn Kids or Restoration Hardware Kids. I have five design patents for special cribs and was the first one in the United States patent office to take casters and wheels off the bottoms of cribs. These little things that I copyrighted and started, make me very proud. My career as the queen of baby design lasted almost 18 years.”

This is a great example of how Stephanie is constantly growing and evolving her business. Pivoting from Fashion, Interior Design and Jewelry she has now widened her market even further looking at sustainable products, building projects and collaborative spaces for creatives. Her most recent brain child, Haven Palm Beach is opening November 21st at 211 Royal Poinciana Way. She is bringing together a group of like minded artisans, sculptors, furniture makers, interior designers and florists into a beautiful gallery space which is a welcomed addition to Palm Beach’s Main Street.

Stephanie has an endless curiosity, not just in business and innovation, but more importantly on how to leave a mark and make the world just a bit better than she found it. Over the years she has participated in many worthy causes centered around disadvantaged youth, abused and abandoned animals and the environment. Not only co-chairing several events, but also donating a large portion of her proceeds to many local charities including Kid Sanctuary, Big Dog Ranch Rescue and Wine Women & Shoes and Loggerhead Marine. Most recently she has founded Kantis Cares. Kantis Cares inspires and educates people to live plastic free, use products that are safe for our earth, and to decrease waste with proper disposal for the health of our world. A noble cause to be sure, that is sure to leave a lasting impact for generations to come.