Interview With Kelly Smallridge, CEO of the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kelly Smallridge, President and CEO of Palm Beach County’s public/private economic development agency, the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County (BDB). She serves as the longest tenured economic development President in the State of Florida.

We discussed quality of life, tax advantages, travel ease, cost of living and quality of life. Not to mention of course the benefits of moving your business to Palm Beach County.

Kelly has an outstanding track record in facilitating some of the largest job creation projects for Palm Beach County. Credited with facilitating the move of two of the world’s largest bioscience organizations to the state: The Scripps Research Institute from San Diego and the Max Planck Society from Germany. As education is not only a hot topic, but also rapidly changing before our eyes, any folks considering a move to South Florida should not discount the importance of having educational opportunities available locally through these two world renowned institutes.

Scripps has teamed up with Florida Atlantic University with the goal of changing education through science. Regularly honored by the National Institutes of Health and prestigious disease foundations for their discoveries, the elite team at Scripps continues to pioneer innovations in translational research while educating, training, and inspiring the scientists of tomorrow. Possibly most well known for the Skaggs Graduate School of Chemical and Bio Sciences, which is consistently ranked in the top 10 nationwide. Though not just limited to FAU students, there are many programs available to the broader community for K- 12 students and their science teachers.


Max Planck has also recently launched the  Max Planck Academy, a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all levels of education: for the high school and undergraduate students, for post-baccalaureate, graduate, and postdoctoral scientists. Intent on providing unmatched scientific enrichment opportunities to FAU Jupiter High School students, a public school with no tuition costs, lab fees or textbook costs to the student. FAU Jupiter High School has the potential to become the premier model for high school STEM education, not just in Palm Beach County but throughout the nation. Through its partnership with the Max Planck Academy, FAU High will be able to offer unparalleled educational and scientific enrichments to its most promising students, giving them the opportunity to benefit from the unique Max Planck model of scientific training as well as the institute’s world-class technology and facilities. 

Anyone who has ever done a residential or commercial renovation will appreciate the idea of and ‘expedited process’. Which is precisely the goal of Palm Beach County’s expedited permitting program, which encourages new businesses to relocate in Palm Beach County by assisting qualified building projects with a coordinated and fast-tracked permitting process.According to Kelly “You can do business anywhere. Why not do it in an affordable environment, where you can attract a workforce, have the best quality of life, and  be in the best place to raise a family?” And, we couldn’t agree more!

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