A Greener Future in Florida

As our city expands to accommodate the growing population, new homeowners are researching and engaging in “green” construction. This lowers their carbon footprint and ensures healthy, sustainable, and nontoxic environments for their families. Green building is a vast topic that includes reducing demolition waste, sourcing recycled and low-toxicity materials, ensuring a home is built along […]

Follow the Sun: Rebuilding Florida Business

2020 has seen a rise in suburban and cross-country relocation as city dwellers re-assess the needs of their family and focus on locales with flexible schooling options, lower corporate and personal tax rates, and homes with larger living space, segregated offices, fitness areas, and outdoor access. Already the third most populous state, Florida has seen an additional […]

Tax Implications of Establishing Florida Residency 2020

palm tree on florida shoreline

There is nothing new about people moving from a northern state to the mild climate of Florida in their later years. Florida is one of seven U.S. states with no state income tax, while New York has income tax rates exceeding 8%, with additional income taxes levied within New York City. The Tax Cuts and […]

The Tax Benefits of Florida Residency

Should You Become a Florida Resident? Becoming a Florida resident is not difficult or complicated. It is a matter of taking some basic steps. The most difficult part would be convincing your former state’s revenue department that you are no longer living there. If you are not living there, you cannot be taxed there. This […]