Feedback from past clients.

After 20+ years of having a well established social and business life in Dallas, Texas, it was time for a change in my life and I arrived as a new resident 10 years ago in Palm Beach. This was undoubtedly a time of transition, and one for the better, especially with the right people around you, to have your back.

So how long does it take for a “new kid in town” to get situated? – to get acquainted, socially connected, and both physically and mentally settled?

“As fast AND as well as you want,” would be my answer – ‘IF’ you know Michelle Boren.” I have often referred to her as The Connector. She’s a high energy, quick thinking, and motivated person, who sincerely enjoys connecting people with people ….and people with the best services here in town. I believe she would be an asset to anybody new coming to town for getting acquainted with our locale, assisting in your move, accommodations, providing amenities, and overall acclimating. She is a go-getter and could manage anything you actually need, in my opinion, and will put her heart and talented energy into any task small or large with a “take the bull by the horns” approach.

Stephanie Kantis
House of Kantis

When I decided to move my company to Florida last year, I had no idea what all it entailed. That’s when I called Luxury Logistics. Michelle and her team were able to make the transition as smooth as possible. They provided us with commercial real estate agents, moving companies, office furniture procurement, as well as decorators.

Personally, Luxury Logistics was able to help with Florida residency, provide information on golf courses and was extremely knowledgeable on different areas to live.

They made sure everything we wanted was handled and I am forever grateful. Thanks Michelle!!

Gerard Weigand
Blue Ocean Brokerage