Michelle Boren

Leadership / Chief Executive Officer

“By changing homes over 20 times in 40 years, moving has become part of my DNA. I’ve gotten to the point where ‘the most stressful experience in one’s life’ has become just another day at the office. No stranger to the unknown, these ongoing transitions have taught me the value of resilience, and no matter how much you plan on perfection, life has this funny way of surprising you.

I’ve been humbled by each journey and accept there is always something new to learn, a smarter, more efficient way of doing things the next time. Now, I channel my cool head in a crisis to benefit my clients. I manage all the moving parts, so stress is no longer a factor. What’s left is the exhilaration of starting a new chapter, and helping my clients write their first page is what I do best.”

Mastering the Art of the Move

With over 20 years of experience in financial services, community board governance, residential construction and project management, Michelle Boren offers her clients a truly comprehensive relocation experience. She holds an honours Bachelor’s degree in Finance and is licensed in Property Insurance and Real Estate Lending.

Beyond her professional experience, Michelle’s community involvement and strong personal connections have informed the pages of her exclusive black book of providers. Her competitive edge is her relationships, something that only comes with time, trust and proven ability.

Michelle has secured a strong foothold in the niche markets of New York and Florida, where she served as the SVP of the Palm Beaches for City National Bank. In addition to acting as Guardian ad Litem for at-risk youth for the Palm Beach County foster care system, she serves on the executive board of the Global Empowerment Mission where she travels globally to aid those affected by disaster.

Michelle currently resides in Palm Beach with her two children and English Retriever, Lulu. When she is not catering to her clients every whim, she finds solace in solo travel, recently exploring the mileage equivalent of 6.3 times around the world. Harnessing an energy her friends describe as “boundless,” she finds balance through meditation, Yoga and the occasional shaman-lead inner journey.