Tyler Perry

When you have a busy life with lots of demands, it's great to have someone you trust who can handle all your logistics - large or small. Curtis (at LuxuryLogistics®) is the go-to guy.

Tyler Perry, “Highest-Paid Man In Entertainment”, Forbes Magazine
Keri Craig-Lee

Whenever we touch down in America, LuxuryLogistics is always our first phone call. Curtis and his team are consummate professionals. They’re efficient, discreet, and a real pleasure to work with. They've been able to book us last-minute hotel reservations at sold-out properties, obtain front-row tickets at the hottest shows and reserve private rooms at fully committed Michelin star restaurants. They've come to the rescue on many occasions.

Keri Craig-Lee, Co-Owner, The Lee Group Pty Ltd
Peter Wilson

While traveling abroad, LuxuryLogistics took care of all our needs in Atlanta, Chicago and Las Vegas. They chartered private jets, organized chauffeured cars, secured hard-to-get dining reservations and got us into the most exclusive nightclubs. Whatever we need, LuxuryLogistics always makes it happen.

Peter Wilson, CEO & Managing Director, Reece Australia
Jack Tatum

Never have I worked with anyone as kind, compassionate, and capable as LuxuryLogistics. They always please our every need. From travel and gifts, to the complex task of negotiating a housing lease, Curtis and his associates are absolutely incredible. This is the type of service I have been looking for.

Jack Tatum, President, Carib Gaming Ltd


Trusted by millionaires, billionaires and celebrities from around the globe, LuxuryLogistics® is widely accepted as the #1 firm of its kind.